Around N. Peramos you will find many outdoor activities and sports opportunities.

Some of them are the following:
Scuba diving
Dive into the waters of N. Peramos and discover the unique underwater world that lies beneath the surface, with the help of the diving school “Macedonia” located at Palio Kavalas, just a couple km away from N. Peramos.

Beach bars
The Ammolofoi beach and N. Iraklitsa beach are the place to visit if you want to find beach bars that offer activities such as water bananas, beach volley fiels, rackets etch.

During your star at Estia apartments you can visit easily interesting destinations such as:

  • The city of Kavala with it’s majestic castle and it’s beautiful Old City area
  • The famous archeological site of Philippoi with the ancient theater which is still active and used during summer for theatrical plays
  • The city of Drama with it’s large green park which is divided by a peaceful river.